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Reality Check
The Realities of 'right' and 'left'
Sensory Reality
The Reality of Science
Origins of Life
The Reality of Global Warming
The Future of Modern Civilisation
Future Reality
The Known Universe
Life’s Purpose
Divine Purpose
Personal Reality
Planetary Cycles and Astrology
What is the Truth?
The Truth
The Moon
The Sun
Interconnectivity and Coincidence
Origins of Life
Evolution and the Self
Self an Illusion
Science versus Religion
Meditation or Hypnotic Trance
Biophotons – The Science of Interrelatedness
Paramahansa Yogananda
Sexual Reproduction and Healing
Lines of Continuity
Yogananda, Rajneesh and the USA
Enlightenment - a Process of Self Realisation
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(Adapted from Buddha’s Light Publishing - Copyright 2011)
(Wisdom Publications - 1991)
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A Brief History of Capitalist Theory
Education for All
Economic Growth in the 21st Century
The Central Banking System
Population and Economic Growth
Happiness and Wellbeing - A New Economic Paradigm
Social Capital and a Steady state Economy
The Importance of Employment
Food Production
Health Care
Alternative Energy
Origins of Law
The Virtues of Sport
Legal Systems and Equality
The Enrichment of Entertainment
The Law
Mass Media
Growth Beyond Economic Growth
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YouTube Links:
The Psychology of Sex - Freud & Jung
Sex by the Book
Venus and Mars
The Power of Sex
The Reward Center and Addiction
Sex Education
Sexual Propaganda in the 21st Century
A New Morality
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A Perceptual Reality
Take a Test
The Realities of Left and Right
Hormonal Triggers
Attraction and Compatability
Is Material Happiness an Illusion?
What a Boring World it Could Be
The 'Knowing'
The Illusion of Reality
Carl Jung's Concept of Ego and Unconscious
An Analysis of the Capture chart
Finding Eris
Why Now?
Current Affect
Planetary Energies
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The Human Brain
The Prefrontal Cortex
Music & the Brain
The Role of emotions in Human Development
Keeping the Brain Healthy
Neuroplasticity - The Dynamic Brain
The Brain - A Pathway of Creation
Age of the Pharos
Amygdala Hijacking
The Amygdala, Sexual Desire and the Prefrontal Cortex
The Seat of Emotion - The Amygdala
Politics and the Amygdala
Bilateral Symmetry
The Neuroscience of Creativity
The First Brain
The Brain and Intelligence
From the Start of Creation
Earth - The Center of Our Universe
Consciousness and the Brain
The Concept of Flow
The Double Slit Experiment
Quantum Entanglement
Life on Earth
Pilot Wave Theory
Quantum Mechancs and the 'Standard Model' of the Universe
Personal Truth versus Scientific Objectivity
The Microscopic world
Earth - The Center of Our Universe
Birds and the Bees
The Flow
Cape Conran Camping
The Planets and Corresponding Neurotransmitters
Mathieu Ricard's Birth Chart
The Reality of Happiness
Adrenaline, Endorphins and Mars
Oxytocin and the Moon
Serotonin and Venus
Acetylcholine, Glutamine and Mercury
Dopamine and Jupiter
GABA and Saturn
Happiness and the Personal Planets
The Happiness Factor
The Chakra Connection
The Physical Worlds Reality
The Magical World of the Physical Reality
The Creator Within
Who are You?
Intelligence Quotient
Personality Types
Mental Disorders
The Science and Art of Astrology
Astrology's Behavioural Associations
The Evolving Bubble of Self
Some Major Matrix Moments
Universal Flow
Onwards - Out of the Mist

The Fourth Revolution

What is Life - What is Work?
Managing the Ego