The three Neptune/Uranus conjunctions of 1993 (at Greenwich, UK) were:  
    •  February 2nd, 8.06 am, 19 degrees 33 minutes
    • August 20th, 8.56 am, 18 degrees 48 minutes
    • October 24th, 8.07 pm, 18 degrees 32 minutes




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Eris square Uranus/Neptune

The slow moving asteroid Eris was captured on photographic plates on October 21st 2003 and eight days later Mark Zuckerberg created the forerunner of Facebook called Facemash which: "…used photos compiled from the online face books of nine houses (at Harvard University), placing two next to each other at a time and asking users to choose the 'hotter person'.



Although captured on photographic plates in 2003 Eris was not discovered (on the plates) until Jan. 5th 2005 - with Facebook being launched a month later on Feb. 4th 2005; and the other giant of social media, YouTube, being activated on Feb. 14th 2005.


The story of Eris and the 'Golden Apple' is akin to Zuckerberg's Facemash - it's about physical comparisons and selfish gratification. The 'Me Too' movement has been indicative of the transformative effect of Eris in regard to male female relationships and this has been activated by Pluto's transit.


The current global mass migrations of the persecuted and poor have to be protected from predatory types whose lack of empathy exposes their narcissistic devaluing of male/female relationships.





Saturn Square Pluto

In all three conjunction charts Saturn is square Pluto with Mercury entwined. This is indicative of power and financial leverage which has seen global trade returning to its foundation of imperialistic markets and trade wars with their potential threat to global peace.


Two thousand and eighteen was the start of Pluto’s second half examination of Capricorn’s material dominion and there is no doubt that Pluto’s activation of the 1993 Uranus/Neptune matrix will coincide with a ground swell of public dissent that may push politicians past their forced subservience to big business.


(Interesting to note that in 1993 Pluto was hovering around Donald Trump’s IC coinciding with his arrangement of four bankruptcy packages; his divorce from Czech model Ivana Zelnícková; and his siring of Tiffany Trump.




Composite Jupiter square Uranus/Neptune 


Our personal bubbles of reality and self-understanding are continually changing along the direction of our decision making, while outside our personal reality, a mother matrix orchestrates a universal flow. Knowing our inherent responses and predilections to earthly experience enhances our chance of being picked up in the Universal flow – a flow clearly defined by heavenly movements and explained in the language of astrology.


Our obligation, as a peak life form, and custodian of ‘mother Earth’, is to find the bedrock of self – such that universal flow can be heard above the hubbub of egocentric projection.



Onwards into the Mist


Pluto's Transit of the 1993 Uranus/Neptune Conjunctions

The time of Pluto's greatest influence on the 1993 Neptune/Uranus conjunctions is shown by transiting Pluto's exactness along with other current planetary influences with the active period being from early 2017 through to January 2019.


The full Moon of the last lunar cycle of 2018 has Pluto 1 degree 44 minutes from the Feb. 2nd 1993 conjunction and by the end of January Pluto's direct influence on this 'matrix period' will be almost gone.


In mundane matters of global interest causative planetary movements take a while to boil over into events as public opinion slowly finds its voice.


I believe this last lunar cycle to be the climax of this period and it will unleash the potential of the 1993 Uranus/Neptune conjunction which is to bring about a conciliation between the Uranian technology which has led to the current Western life style and the Neptunian humanitarian belief that no one should be left out in the cold.


Its time to direct our technological resources towards making the world a better place for everyone. Clues to how this will come about are hidden in the composite of the three 1993 Uranus/Neptune conjunctions with the major players being Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Chiron and Eris.



Composite Jupiter is square to Uranus/Neptune while dicordant Eris completes a ‘T square’ which was sure to have religious and racial  significance along the lines of categorising all Muslims as terrorists while focusing on an Aryan dominated America and a general global turbulence cached in lies and self interest.


Onwards Into the Mist