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D.M.Astrol. ND. BSc. Dip.Ed. Dip.Herb.
At age 29 I resigned from regular employment (1983) and headed off backpacking to points unknown for 3 years during which time I developed an understanding of various esoteric disciplines such as yoga, meditation, palm reading, numerology, and face reading.

Three years later (1986) I found my way to the ancient science and art of Astrology with its incredible capacity for providing a greater understanding of who we are from birth potential, through growth direction, to the impulses that influence our daily moods and choices.

The founder of modern psychology Carl Jung expressed the notion that we 'should strive to be who we are' and in regard to the relevance of astrology as a tool and guiding light he stated that: Astrology represents the sum of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity. Carl Jung used astrology in his practice and the Briggs Myers Personality Test is based on Jung's astrological understanding.

I commenced a formal study of Astrology in 1990 via correspondence with the Mayo School of Astrology (London) - completed my Certificate of Astrology in 1993 and, after a break for family and financial reasons, recommenced formal studies with the Mayo School in 2007 - gaining my Diploma in July 2011.
Essays - sub headings
In more traditional fields of education I have a:
Questions that only take a couple of hours I do for Free.
Non Astrology Essays:
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The Fourth Revolution
Astrology Essays:
Who are You
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The Non-Dimensional Reality
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Jesus Christ's Birth Chart
Interpretation of Jesus Christ Birth Chart
Buddha's Birth Chart
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