A confirmed case of the novel coronavirus emerged on November 17th 2019 - according to 13 March 2020 reports of official Chinese government sources. - South China Morning Post. 13 March 2020.

The Origins of Corona Virus

The incubation period of Corona virus can be from 1 to 14 days but is usually 5 to 6 days so the first expression of this new virus would have appeared in early November within the lunar cycle started in Wuhan on October 28th.
For some time now Astrologers have been watching Pluto’s progress through Capricorn which has become more interesting as other planets join Pluto’s purging push. The New Moon of October 28th shows an interesting zodiacal gathering around Pluto’s intent.

Pluto two thirds through Capricorn, Saturn half way and Neptune half way through Pisces; with the Wuhan chart having Capricorn rising - Saturn and Pluto in the 1st.

• Sun and Moon in the 10th opposite Uranus (and trine China’s 1949 chart’s ‘out of bounds’ Uranus on the 6th cusp).

• Jupiter conjunct an ‘out of bounds’ Ceres in the 12th house – remembering Faye Blake’s 2018 article (in The Astrological Journal), associating Ceres with epigenetics: ‘Dwarf planet Ceres can be used to define an optimal environment for maintaining or restoring health.’       
Note that Jupiter is parallel Pluto/Saturn/Mercury/Ascendant and South Node; also trine ‘discord queen’ Eris in the 3rd house.

• The goddess of health, Hygeia is ‘out of bounds’ and connected to Sun, Moon and Saturn via biquintiles; and Ceres by a contraparallel of declination (opposite China’s Chiron in the 10th.)

• Venus, Pallas, and a soon to go retrograde, Mercury sesquisquare North Node on the Descendant.

Mars square Saturn quincunx Neptune/Black Moon.

Quite a line up for a New Moon in a time when economic growth is threatening the planet, stock markets continue to soar, oil is still cheaper than water - and astrologers believe change is imminent - but don’t know how.


Wuhan is a city of 11 million and is regarded as ‘the political, economic, financial, commercial, cultural and educational centre of central China.’

Like many other industrial growth centres Wuhan is growing faster than it can be planned, and its highly polluted atmosphere (now clear) is evidence of growth in the wrong direction.


Who would have thought corona virus would be the instrument that chimed the wake-up call for better governance? We can watch the planets but the actual events are difficult to predict; although correction is always towards the homeostasis of living situations and as I wrote in a Quora answer on January 2nd 2020.

The number one global dilemma right now is a climate that is getting hotter faster than life forms can adapt. This is the result of over a 100 years of oil production at a rate that has continued to increase and currently stands at around 80 million barrels per day. 


It is now evident that the Corona virus is the wake-up call. We all needed time to reflect - I don’t think the world will be the same after this!

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(March 25th 2020)

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