The Creator Within

When I’m working to ‘pay the rent’ I feel safe within the walls of life sustaining purpose where questioning is suspended while I engage the engines of material necessity; then in reflection I randomly trawl for the links that fabricate reason and inevitably I find a dishevelled and wanting reality aimed at personal glory with little consideration for the collective called ‘life on Earth’.


There is duality in everyone’s life; there is the physical side of our existence moving within socially defined dichotomies of good and bad, success and failure; and then there’s the higher self undefined by the physical life with its own non-cognitive rules expressed in life’s ponderings and apparent in the magic of coincidence and déjà vu.


I thought that writing an essay on the subject would clarify my observation of a physical/spiritual dichotomy and I thought I’d centre it on the Eastern tradition of energy centres called Chakras. Then on the morning I decided to start writing, an ‘occasional ezine of astrology and magic’ arrived from Bob Makransky, the topic being: Living the Dream.


Bob is an astrologer who has an understanding of Mayan Magic and as he sees it: ‘...magic is a matter of liberating yourself from your social conditioning by learning how to operate on intent - direct knowing and acting; ...Thus magic can be considered a form of psychotherapy - of dehypnotizing and rehypnotizing yourself to release the obsessive fixation of everyday life.’


‘Living the Dream’ references Carlos Castaneda’s  book: Tales of Power, in which the ‘warrior’s way’ culminates in a duality of self; a ‘warrior’ being a seeker of truth striving to understand the interconnection of reason, will power and the forces beyond our understanding.

Bob’s ezine is prefaced with a quote from Castaneda’s teacher Don Juan:



“The self dreams the double. … Once it has learned to dream the double, the self arrives at this weird crossroad and a moment comes when one realizes that it is the double who dreams the self.”






This understanding from a different direction seemed to be connected to what I was trying to digest and it had serendipitously been delivered, as if by magic - so I bought the book and digested it. 






The Chakra Connection

Chakras come from Hindu and Buddhist origins; they refer to seven centres of subtle energy within the body that have correlation with Chinese acupressure points.


The lower three Chakras are more physical in nature. The first being the ‘Root Chakra’ (coccyx) associated with the earth and our physical securities which are conditioned by experiences from our childhood and then flow into our adult lives.


The second is the ‘Sacral Chakra’ relating to the emotional energies of imagination, creativity and sensuality.


The third is the stomach Chakra which is about willpower and self esteem; self esteem appearing when we believe we are physically secure enough to allow our creativity legitimate space on the physical plane.  A high self-esteem then allows us to project our ambitions in the physical world using the focus of our will.


These three are an earthly trilogy and they are balanced by the  upper-body chakras of ‘spirit’. The first being the throat centre through which truth is expressed along the line of Castaneda’s warrior way of ‘impeccability’; the Forehead Chakra which is the centre for intuitive thought; and the Crown Chakra of enlightenment.







Arbitrating the upper and lower energy centres is the Heart Chakra which deals with feelings of association, affinity, cooperation, fellowship and empathy. The Heart Chakra mediates physical energy matters and the higher frequency energies of spirit; and when the right balance of emotional understanding is achieved a person arrives at Castaneda’s ‘crossroad’.


When the heart Chakra is open the Crown Chakra balances the earthly Root chakra; intuition flows through the Forehead Chakra (‘third eye’) directing the imaginative qualities of the Sacral Chakra; and the Throat Chakra gives an impeccable voice to the flowering self-esteem such that willpower is focussed with compassionate intent.


Since our physical association with the higher chakras is sporadic, our trust in physically tapping into them requires a leap of faith. Spoken truths of the spiritual Chakras come from an intuitive understanding of moral certainty which is beyond logic - this being the realm of the ‘creator within’.








The Physical World’s Reality

The solid world only appears solid because some sort of energy binds atoms together giving the impression of solidity when in fact the atoms themselves are 99.9999999999996% space, such that the whole human race, with the space squeezed out of it, would be no larger than a sugar cube. Furthermore quantum entanglement suggests the non-existence of space and the interconnectivity of all life forms.









The Magical Reality of the Physical World

‘...The only effect which real things have is to cause belief, for all the sensations which they excite emerge into consciousness in the form of beliefs.’ - Illustrations of the Logic of Science

- C.S. Peirce










The concept of Chakras was making sense of my intuitive thoughts but I needed a more pragmatic and scientific source beyond Eastern tradition and the musings of Bob the Mayan Magician Astrologer. I then opened a copy of Aeon - ‘a digital magazine of ideas, philosophy and culture’, and out came The American Aristotle - Charles Sanders Peirce (1839-1914), often regarded as the greatest logician of all time.


Among other things, Peirce developed the ‘study of signs’ which he believed is how an individual understands reality. He called his study semiotics and consequently he argued that reality is not a purely objective existence but something that depends on human interpretation - reality being created via the complex interplay of signs and our subliminal understanding.









‘The Creator Within’

Religious people have no problem with a ‘leap of faith’ since the orchestration of their lives is already charged with curious belief structures. On the physical side of belief there is even a ‘prosperity gospel’ which proffers financial blessing and physical well-being as products of God’s will.


In Peirce’s semiotics, prosperity would be classed as a ‘sign’ associated with a belief that has personal connotations related to personal well-being; but if prosperity involves falsehoods such as ‘climate change denial’, then the individual would not have the warrior’s requirement for moral certainty.


Personal ambitions and self esteem are directed by energies channelled through the stomach Chakra - this energy being amplified by the cultivation of focus which comes through the application of willpower; an energy that can be used to magically forge personal status, but which ultimately goes off the rails if the personal belief structure lacks integrity.









Anyone at anytime can decide to become a warrior for truth - and with each passing day the global need for warriors grows greater as the health of both planet and inhabitants falls prey to the black magic of personal obsession.


By tapping into the higher Chakras that connect the physical self to the ‘creator within’ we become immortal in that a record of our lives remains on a higher frequency after our physical bodies have gone - we can then still have a positive influence on those who reflect on our being; and in a sense we can be reincarnated!


A reflective person using the principles of meditation, prayer or the like, opens the channels to intuitive thought, which when balanced through the heart Chakra of empathy delivers the moral certainty of the ‘warrior’ while unchaining the universal flow of magical happenings. The life then moves in the direction of greatest benefit while the warrior holds tight to the rudder of reason allowing the creator within to dream the self.










The Chakra Connection
The Physical Worlds Reality
The Magical World of the Physical Reality
The Creator Within
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(July 29th 2019 – Sept 9th 2019)