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Feb. 23rd 1953, 8.50 PM, Melbourne, Australia

Saturday March 10th, 2018


On my birthday (23rd of February) this year I was reborn!


My first foray into astrology proper began on May 13th 1986 when I bought a book on erecting charts and an ephemeris from the Theosophical Book Shop in Melbourne. At that time Pluto was trine my Sun, Neptune sextile my Sun and Uranus trine my Pluto, along with a number of other coincidental aspects. When I first drew up my own chart on the 21st June, 1986 Pluto and Neptune were less than 10 minutes from exact in their aspects as too was Saturn in a square aspect to my Sun.


This was an important moment in my life since my obsession about knowing who I really was had started with my Saturn Return resignation from paid employment (in forestry) and flying out of Australia on my birthday in 1983 for two years of back-packing. During this time I learnt yoga, numerology, palm reading, face reading and hand writing analysis.


Astrology was the final and best of tools for my understanding - and on this I built the rock from which I viewed reality. But my birth time was dodgy! In a discussion with my Mum and two of my brothers, the night before buying the astrology books, I thought my Mum had said I was born early in the morning but as I recently discovered (on my birthday lunch with my Mum who is now 87) it was my elder brother who was born in the early morning and I was born in the evening.


Shock, horror – this is no small rectification, this is my rock being swept away in a flood of confusion. Strangely enough at a time when I had just written an essay titled ‘Who are You in 2018? With my concluding paragraph being: Our obligation, as a peak life form, and custodian of ‘mother Earth’, is to find the bedrock of self – such that universal flow can be heard above the hubbub of egocentric projection.’


My bedrock has changed emphatically, I have been reborn and the new insights I now have of my own proclivities are more understandable than those of my previous birth time, something which I continually tweaked since I was not happy with the portrait painted. Even after two weeks of rectification work I am still checking diaries and dates, closely watching planetary transits and going deep within - full well knowing the propensity I have shown for fitting the real me into a matrix of planets that represents a point in time (8.49.47 pm).


I am still climbing my rock and the higher I get the clearer the view.

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