The Non-Dimensional Reality - cont.
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‘Psychology and Psychiatry are Neptune-Pluto, but it is the study of the mind and our mental functions – basically, how we think, which is Gemini.’
Paramahansa Yogananda
In a recent article of the Astrological Association of Great Britain, Wendy Stacey wrote about the importance of the Pluto/Neptune conjunction of 1891/92 and how this conjunction sets the scene for the next 492 years. Pluto and Neptune were in Gemini at the time and as Stacey notes:
Paramahansa Yogananda was born with Pluto conjunct Neptune and his birth chart has a sublime structure with the Pluto/Neptune conjunction being in the 10th house and their ruler (and Ascendant ruler) being a Sagittarian Mercury conjunct Venus in the 4th house trine Jupiter in the 8th and Moon in the 12th. His predilection for healing through understanding pain is indicated by Chiron in Virgo conjunct the Ascendant. Yogananda’s driving force comes from his creative Sun’s struggle for controlled expression (in Capricorn) challenged (square) by expansive Jupiter’s urging to understand the relationship between everything (8th house Aries, ruling the 4th), and the constraints of a challenging Saturn which demands a sensible, balanced approach to cultural values (Saturn square Sun trine Neptune/Pluto).
Having finished his speech he recited his poem ‘My India’, rolled his eyes upwards to his Ajna centre and died to the flesh. A reduction in the emission of biophotons in the brain occurs when a person meditates inferring less oxidative stress and hence a reduced deterioration in cell vitality which perhaps might explain the observation of the Mortuary Director who stated that there was no sign of physical disintegration in the body after twenty days - no odor, no drying up of skin. (Note that ‘Incorruptibility’ of the flesh is a sign of sainthood in the Catholic faith. )
Sexual Reproduction and Healing
 Evolution cannot proceed without replication. Originally sexual reproduction developed as an advanced means of transferring genetic material for the purpose of maintaining the survival ability of the organism. Recent research using genome sequencing on the stomach ‘bug’ Giardia has suggested that:
‘…the earliest eukaryotes diverged after the advent of this key biological process’.
Eukaryotes evolved about a billion years ago and since then a reward system for sexual reproduction has developed alongside the brain’s evolution and its sensory extensions. Obviously that incentive is experienced as the euphoria of sexual pleasure (along with the associated benefits of stress relief, pain relief and an improvement in immune response.) The sexual attraction between people goes beyond like-mindedness and envelopes a diverse circle of acquaintances which in turn creates the opportunity for partner selection and consequently a generational effect which unifies the group and allows it to aggregate into civilized societies with multiple viewpoints.

Brain scans have shown that orgasm ‘lights up’ much of the brain while shutting down the lateral orbitofrontal cortex - the seat of reason and behavioral control. When powerful drives are not controlled by cognitive processes they become subject to self-interested misuse such as practiced by the all conquering Genghis Khan. Control of sexual desire is a learned social function directed by the prefrontal cortex (prior to part of it being shut down), and although the sexual urge can be sublimated and incorporated under an expanded interpretation of libido as proposed by Jung, its direct suppression is usually fraught with the dangers of magnification and sudden expressions in unreasonable behaviour.

Predictive thought which is related to the function of the pineal gland, is antithetic to sexual mechanisms such that the down side of pleasurable indulgence can be an associated guilt that goes with its confusing influence on thought processes. Sexual attraction remains a potent and yet perplexing influence on modern culture - something that is not well attended to by religious doctrines.

The eastern tradition of tantric sexual practice uses sexual arousal as a means of developing spiritual awareness. Paramahansa Yogananda may have chosen celibacy but Guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh did not.
‘Sex is transformed into love, love into meditation, to light, to knowledge of the divine, to ecstasy, to bliss. According to Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh’s Tantra, Spirituality and Sex… once you know that bliss, you are grounded in reality. The reality is that in deep sexual orgasm, it is not sex that gives you bliss. Once again, sex is only the vehicle. Something else is generating the euphoria, the ecstasy. That something else, according to Rajneesh, can be divided into three elements – timelessness, egolessness and being natural. These are the components that produce ecstasy and bliss.’
Rajneesh was a controversial character whose legacy grew after his death. In many circles he is regarded as a hugely important influence on India’s culture due to his ability for liberating minds from the strictures of conformity.

The positive use of sexual attraction is in its ability to unite, an ability that has evolved from the maintenance mechanisms of transferring genetic material in unicellular organisms. Opposite the processes of unification are those of disaffection with alienation being the hallmark of mental disorder – a state where lifelines are severed and the ability to make sense of the world progressively diminishes, whilst deep inside the subconscious grasps for a moment when a kind word, a smile or a hug will affirm that we are accepted.

Personal attachment to lifestyles and beliefs define the external self and create feelings of comparative worthiness which require the reflex of attraction for cohesion and balance. The process of being connected to life does not require being with others as much as it requires a projection of the inner self beyond the limitations of our acquired thought processes and emotional responses.

Sexual attraction is a subset of the inner energy field of connectivity in the same way that the curative qualities of energy treatments such as Chakra Healing, Reiki, Christian Science, faith healing, the laying of hands, a practitioner’s placebo effect or the support of a community of friends and acquaintances - all have to do with energy flows that connect and continually reconnect the individual.
Lines of Continuity
This essay started with a thread of scientific interrelatedness and its attendant coincidences and parallels in astrological phenomena. Although complex in there compounded form, these connections validate Astrology as a means of delineating the subtle energy patterns behind behaviour and physical events.

A more personal example of Astrology in action is to check the birth charts of the people you are in close contact with. You will find that you have many points of commonality with these people. If those points are ‘difficult’ then you will find yourself having ‘strong’ discussions and at the same time being unavoidably involved through practical obligations. If your birth chart is compatible you will find that you relate easily with that person and are likely to become friends. When lines of continuity are particularly strong there can be a sense of having known that person for a long time - and if that person died before you were born there may be a feeling that their essence is reincarnated in your spirit.

The instinctive self-oriented human seeks pleasure and the avoidance of pain. As an individual moves into partnerships and family, these reflexes become more complex and the matrix which holds civilized societies together becomes interwoven with personal directives such that the individual may accept a measure of pain and strive to do what’s best for the whole since it is the whole that ultimately provides for the individual.

The understanding of people outside of our friends helps to form a holistic understanding of the direction of our culture’s political, economic and philosophical spheres. The extension of these realms to include all the diverse religious and cultural values of the world then provides an understanding of mankind’s evolutionary direction.

A meditative focus and the desire to understand and improve the material, social and spiritual nature of mankind is something that all great philosophers have in common. Two of the noted eastern thinkers of the modern era are Paramahansa Yogananda and Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. In the same way that mundane astrology uses insightful information gleaned from heads of state, Yogananda and Rajneesh’s relationships with America are enlightening.
Yogananda, Rajneesh and the USA
Rajneesh’s radical and insightful approach to life is indicated in his birth chart :
 His ability to cover many subjects and to do this with force and expansive poise is indicated by his Gemini Ascendant, his Sagittarian Sun trine Uranus in Aries and his Sun ruler Jupiter also being trine in the 3rd house.

His profound and independent thinking is shown by his Ascendant ruler Mercury being on the 8th house cusp trine Neptune in the 4th and at the midpoint of Jupiter in the 3rd house and Chiron in the 12th, with his personal planets Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars all being ‘out of bounds’. His interest in Tantra is indicated by Mercury being at the midpoint of Mars and Venus.

His 8th house Saturn in its own sign of Capricorn opposite Pluto points to a need to control and conceal sexual and material matters behind his ability for collective healing (shown by Saturn’s trine to Chiron in the 12th). His Moon in the 8th square Uranus in the 11th accentuates his independent non-conforming nature.

Rajneesh expressed the truth of his own chart but as indicated by the chaotic events that followed him he could not contain his inclinations within the rules of the various cultures in which he lived. (Further difficulties are indicated by his Black Moon being conjunct Uranus while Eris is conjunct the North Node square Mars.) Rajneesh was deported after four years in America and was refused entry into many other countries before ending up back in India.
Yogananda and Rajneesh’s birth charts show some points of commonality:Yogananda’s difficult Sun is conjunct Rajneesh’s difficult Moon; his Venus is conjunct Rajneesh’s Sun, Jupiter conjunct Uranus, Pluto/Neptune square Neptune and his Ascendant conjunct Rajneesh’s IC. Yogananda was accepted by the American people and brought the eastern traditions of yoga and meditation to millions of westerners. Rajneesh’s adoption of America’s creed of secretive control and financial power was not accepted and he was deported.

Both of these sages involvement with America highlight the same aspect of the USA horoscope which is the Sun on the 8th cusp square Saturn in the 10th. Yogananda’s Sun and Rajneesh’s Moon are opposite the USA’s Sun which brings both Yogananda’s T square with Saturn and Jupiter and Rajneesh’s Moon square Uranus into a Grand Cross with the USA’s Sun square Saturn.
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Paramahansa Yogananda
Sexual Reproduction and Healing
Lines of Continuity
Yogananda, Rajneesh and the USA
Yogananda's teachings were based on the practice of Kriya Yoga which uses the Chakra centers, physical postures, control of breathing and meditation. Yogananda’s departure from physical existence was an auspicious occasion in which his followers believe he intentionally left his body. At the time Yogananda was in America expressing his hope for a united world.
‘But unlike children, we adults have other -- and healthier -- alternatives. We can choose knowledge and awareness over compulsion and fear. Unfortunately, too many people are not yet aware of this choice. Maybe there is a little Stalin inside many of us. For all his power, he spent his life in fear of his father and clinging to the "blessings" of denial. Like Hitler, he believed that the annihilation of millions of people would free him of the tormenting fear of his father. But it didn't.’
Enlightenment - a Process of Self Realisation
Swiss psychologist Alice Miller writes in the preface of her book ‘For Your Own Good - Hidden Cruelty in Child-Rearing and the Roots of Violence':
Truth is endemic to the individual although it may take a lifetime’s work and the right circumstances to understand conflicting personal tendencies and difficult growth environments.The trick is to observe your own actions in the third person rather than being totally involved and absorbed by the first person with all its entanglements. This way you connect with everything (perhaps by biophotons?) and are able to evaluate whether your external self is acting within the parameters of the creator.

Neuroscientist Todd Murphy believes that most of us seek enlightenment through an ongoing process where we gradually refuse to use the processes of our brain that we intuitively feel to be incongruous to our own understanding of truth. Through this lack of use the memories and functioning of negative processes cease to be.
‘…slowly disconnecting from negative structures...’
 The most compelling instinctual directive of intelligent life is to understand who we are and in the light of that realisation find our rightful place in an existence full of coincidental happenings and interconnected situations and events. The process of meditation and living in the now has its place but evolution also requires forward thinking, planning and reflection along with a purposeful seeking to understand the timeless, all embracing light that emanates from infinite suns across the Universe - as well as from the DNA molecules that are the building blocks of all life.

Copernicus saw that the Earth rotated around the Sun rather than the Sun rotating around the Earth and in the same way Kant saw that individual actions were the cornerstones of morality rather than the Machiavellian ‘ends justifying the means’. A similar reversal of viewpoint has been made in a number of ancient philosophies and has existed right through to contemporary theosophical thinking – the fact that we are a spiritual essence that has miraculously taken on physical form and evolved over 3.8 billion years into an intelligent life form.

When the origin of life is recognised as being a non-dimensional divinity that permeates all life forms with the same fundamental truths, then the external world can be seen more clearly as a manifestation that has evolved physical structures for survival and sensory organs as an interface for intelligence – an intelligence that may one day understand creation.
‘Call it freedom, independence, unity, Nirvana, the joy of the Lord, or the heart of the paradox of the ideal. That which says “I” in us and does not name itself has come into its own.’
- Ernest Wood
Enlightenment - a Process of Self Realisation